Use this page to share the cookbooks you have read. Cookbooks are defined as books that are primarily collections of recipes.

Please use Simply Linked so we know the title of the book you read and link directly to your review post, not just your blog. Use the two lines of Simply Linked in this manner:

First Line: Title of Book 
Example: Grilled Cheese, Please

Second Line: URL link to your review 


  1. Hi Vicki I have the same problem like I had before . Iam unable to post my link so here is my link.

  2. Hi~ I don't know why you're having problems, and I apologize.

    If you don't fill out all three of the requested lines on the form (title of the book, your email and the review link) it won't accept your entry. I used my email to add you to the sign up page since I don't have your email.

    I'll add your review link using my email again.

    Again, sorry you're having problems!


  3. Hmmm..I did enter all the three entries and I don't know why it failed..Just better luck next time I guess

    1. These linky's can just be stubborn sometimes!